Pumpkin Spice Coffee BOWL COZY – Latte Microwavable Hot Pad


All 100% cotton materials

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A bowl cozy is a super cute way to protect your hands from ceramic, glass, or even plastic bowls that are too hot or cold! Now you don’t have to worry about burning your hands when removing the hot bowls from the microwave! This is also a great way to keep your hands from freezing when enjoying a bowl of ice cream.  This cover is also reversible! Choose either side to use for extra versatility and cuteness!

Bowl cozies pictured are examples. This listing is for the pictured pumpkin spice fabric shown, and a coordinating fabric will be used for the other side. Character placement may vary depending on the cut of fabric.

* Includes: 1 bowl cozy (hot pad)
* Material: 100% cotton (or cotton flannel) on both sides, 100% cotton batting in the middle, 100% cotton thread
* Care and Cleaning: Machine wash cold on delicate cycle with like colors. Do not bleach. Air dry is best, drape over a bowl to help the cozy keep its shape.
* Dimensions: approximately 7 1/2″ side, 7 1/2″ long, and 2″ high (at shortest point, corners are higher)

  • They are made from two layers of cotton batting on the inside, and two layers of decorative cotton woven or flannel prints on the outside. All materials, including thread, is 100% cotton making these cozies safe for using in the microwave.
  • To use, simply put your bowl and the contents in the cozy, then place in the microwave. Set your timer for desired heat time, making sure to remove periodically to stir and avoid cold spots. Take the bowl out by grabbing onto the corners!
  • The flat bottom will accommodate a bowl that has up to a 4″ diameter bottom. The cozies then flare out towards the top and can accommodate bowls up to 7″ in diameter. For example, bowl pictured has a 4″ diameter bottom, a 6″ diameter top, and is 2 3/4″ tall. Pictured bowl is NOT included.

** Do not use the cozy for longer than 1 continuous minute in the microwave. After 1 minute, stir contents prior to heating in the microwave again. If your food is still not at the desired temperature, make sure the bowl holder is not too hot before continuing.

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